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   A Bullet for Fidel

A Bullet for Fidel

Author: Carter, Nick Set In . . .
 Caribbean, Cuba, Central America
Genre: Other
Time Frame: None
Description: Nick Carter Killmaster Set of Paperback Books - The China Doll, Danger Key, Fraulein Spy, Dragon Flame, The Terrible Ones, Checkmate in Rio, Spy Castle, A Bullet for Fidel, Double Identity, Saigon, The Devil's Cockpit, Istanbul, Triple Cross, Moscow, Operation Moon Rocket, A Korean Tiger, Assignment: Israel, The Weapon of Night, The Eyes of the Tiger, Agent Counter-Agent, Operation Starvation, The Last Samurai, The Bright Blue Death, The Golden Serpent, The Casbah Killers. The Cairo Mafia, Rhodesia, Cambodia, The Tarlov Cipher, Amsterdam, The Judas Spy, The Human Time Bomb, Run Spy Run, Temple of Fear, The Red Rays, Strike Force Terror, Jewel of Doom, The Red Rebellion, Carnival for Killing, Safari for Spies, The Green Wolf Connection, Berlin, The Mind Killers, Death of the Falcon, Hood of Death, Peking & the Tulip Affair, Beirut Incident, The Defector, The Black Death, The Death' Head Conspiracy, Operation Snake, The 13th Spy, Web of Spies, The N3 Conspiracy, The Filthy Five, The Living Death, Seven Against Greece, The Terrible Ones, Dragon Flame, Hanoi, The Arab Plague, The Death Strain, The Code, The Amazon, The Executioners, 14 Seconds to Hell, The Chinese Paymaster, The Katmandu Contract, Time Clock of Death, Operation Che Guevara, The Ultimate Code, The Aztec Avenger, The Peking Dossier, Death Message: Oil 74-2, Assassin Code Name Vulture, Vatican Vendetta, Six Bloody Summer Days, The Night of the Avenger, and Macao
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