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   A Day in Athens with Socrates: Protagoras/Republic

A Day in Athens with Socrates: Protagoras/Republic

Author: Plato Set In . . .
 Europe, Greece
Genre: Other
Time Frame: None

About the Book

Books dealing with State and local histories in the United States may examine a city, a suburb, a municipality, a region, a community, an association, a church group, or the entire State. In fact, local history, is the largest category of history publishing. Often being of the community that is the subject of the book, local or regional historians can provide a specific insight into their subject matter.

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The next decades up to World War 1 saw large migrations from Europe and massive growth in the US economy. The US had a short but decisive influence on World War 1, suffered during the Great Depression, and had an even greater decisive influence on the outcome of World War 2. The US then engaged in a Cold War with its military and ideological adversary, the USSR, which disintegrated in 1991. Over the 20th century the US was not just a dynamo of technological advancement, but also contributed greatly to world growth.

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