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   A Shepherd's Tale

A Shepherd's Tale

Author: Thompson, Marilyn Lucas Set In . . .
 Israel, Middle East
Genre: Other
Time Frame: None
Description: Is there more to the Christmas Nativity Story than is commonly known? Are there more answers outside of the biblical accounts? Yes, there is more information than commonly known and Bible scholars have known it for well over a century! CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)A Shepherd's Tale answers many historic questions such as: who were the shepherds chosen to greet him on the night of His birth and why were they so special? Where was the actual site of His birth and what was the significance of that place? Was Jesus really the King of the Jews? Does the Bible tell us whether he married and had children? A Shepherd's Tale, answers these questions while portraying them in a story of wonderful characters.There have been many Christmas stories written over the past years, many fanciful and based on fictional circumstances. What makes this story so fascinating and different is that it is written as a historical novel with the description of place, time and circumstances based on fact known and recorded long ago. Samuel is a simple shepherd, but the flock he cares for is a very special one located outside of Bethlehem.Through Samuel's eyes we get a firsthand and more accurate account of the beginning of the greatest life ever lived. With A Shepherd's Tale comes a new perspective of the Christmas Nativity Story, rich in the history and culture of Judea. The beauty of the First Christmas will again fill your heart with joy and gratitude. Samuel's story is one you can't put down or soon forget. Enjoy its story on Christmas, Easter or anytime and reaffirm the spirit of Christmas everyday as Samuel's story witnesses God's timeless love for all mankind.
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