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   AmericA, Inc.: A Novel

AmericA, Inc.: A Novel

Author: Lentz, David B. Set In . . .
 North America, USA, Washington
Genre: Other
Time Frame: None
Description: In this prescient, dark comedy, first published in 2007, the USA has transformed into a dystopian, corporate nation or "corpornation." Sub-divided in 2020 by a great, brick wall into the northern Bluefish and southern Redfish States, AmericA, Inc. is run by a ruthless egomaniac, Travis T. Bash, CEO. Perpetually at war, governed by a radical oligarchy, riddled by corrupt lobbyists and a banal popular culture, Bash drafts Bob, a poor Yale poet, to communicate and transform AmericA, Inc.'s corporate culture. Bob's job is to re-brand and sell the vulgar, bewildering and corrupt culture of this brutal corporate nation to increase share value. Nothing is sacred in corporate America or American culture in this Great American Dystopian Novel about a corpornation gone berserk in its relentless pursuit of profit. "AmericA, Inc." rings true in a witty, merciless lampoon of GW Bush's Cabinet as a dead-on prophecy of the antisocial, public policy of Donald Trump and his top advisers. In "AmericA, Inc." Lentz extends the literary bloodline of the rich satiric voices in the genre of William Gaddis, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, George Orwell, Voltaire, Laurence Sterne and Jonathan Swift. "A major writer." — Terry Richard Bazes, "Goldsmith’s Return" "The satire that infuses 'AmericA, Inc.' is barbed with witticisms worthy of the greats — luminaries in the field of political shaming. Luminaries like Voltaire and Sterne." — Gary W. Anderson, "Best of All Possible Worlds", "Animal Magnet" “Lentz will go down in history as a great writer whose work will transcend time and assuredly reshape public discourse. Through his august body of work he constantly strives to reshape dialogue on what constitutes great literature while hammering his own work like the artist he is forever pounding at the forge of public opinion and the fierce heat of his incredibly rich mind. While he has learned well from the works of literary geniuses, he also captures so well the existential futility found in dark classics like Kafka's 'The Trial' and Camus' 'The Stranger.'" — Goodreads, Shaun P. Kenney, Tucson
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