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   A Change of Needs

A Change of Needs

Author: Allen, Nate Set In . . .
 North America, USA, North Carolina, Raleigh
Genre: Romance
Time Frame: 21st century
Published: 2012
Description: An affair, it was never about "romance," only lust... But lust became love, and love begot jealousy, obsession, betrayal and ultimately redemption ...maybe? And if love is a drug ...affairs are its "crack." "A Change of Needs" is the story of one man's crooked path through life that leads him to a married woman's doorstep and the "straight and narrow" path she has taken that leads her to inviting him inside. What follows is a unique, often uncomfortable modern-day psychological drama about what happens when one ordinary man accepts the invitation to cross that imaginary boundary each of us draws around our life that defines us.

At its core, "A Change of Needs" is a love story ...atypical, but a love story nonetheless. The author takes the reader on an intimate journey characterized by mind-games and manipulations, and like a lustful train wreck ...they can see it coming but can't look away or stop it. Told with a careful "Southern twang," it's a clever, provocative and raw examination of the relational dynamics of an affair and the mutually detrimental consequences of an intimacy and "trust" built upon lies and secrecy. There is no fidelity among the unfaithful ...affairs are messy, they never end well.

Set in Raleigh and the Triangle area of North Carolina, it's an entertaining and contemporary tale of sex, love, friendship and betrayal. Told with a distinct and endearing style that relates some of the most common experiences of love and life in a most uncommon way. By no means your garden-variety romance novel, men and women alike will enjoy this fictional cautionary tale about how "sometimes getting what you want ain't a good thing"... It's been called a "roller coaster" of emotions, so buckle up... but don't deny yourself the experience, it's refreshingly different and unique in a cookie-cutter literary world.
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