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   Mixed Foursome: The Zach Roper Mysteries

Mixed Foursome: The Zach Roper Mysteries

Author: Burton, M. H. Set In . . .
 Asia, Thailand, Bangkok
Genre: Thriller
Time Frame: 21st century
Published: 2012
Description: As a young man Zach Roper dreamed of becoming a professional golfer and he might even have had the talent to make the grade, but any early marriage and children sent him in a different direction. He became a cop, pounding a beat at first, then graduating to detective work. He learned to be a damned good detective and prided himself in his work. Then came retirement and, at age 50, he decided to take a whack at making the PGA's Championship Tour. He knows it's a long shot, but he has to see if he can cut it. There's nothing to hold him now....divorced, children grown...nothing to keep him from focusing on golf, golf, golf...nothing except murder, sexual stalking, embezzlement, international intrugue, and other general nastiness. He can hardly find his way to the green without finding a body or a complicated crime to be solved. Who knew the genteel world of the Country Club set could be so dangerous? He should keep his mouth shut. Nobody knows of his background as a sleuth. They think he's just another pro wannabe with marginal skills and grand delusions. The very thing he fears that he might be, but these new 'cases' draw him in spite of the damage they might do to his pro prospects.

In "Murder in the Deep Rough" Zach finds himself one tournament away from failure after a run of missed cuts, when the body of the co-owner of the Iron Ridge Country Club is found nestled deep in the woods next to his golf bag before our reluctant hero can swing a club. Zach tries his best to steer clear of the case, but has to 'put his oar in' when an lunkheaded local Sheriff seems ready to call it 'natural causes' despite abundant evidence to the contrary. What follows is a long, hard pull both on and off the golf course. Can Zach hang onto his Pro Card and unravel a sports murder mystery at the same time?

In "Murder on the 19th Hole" Zach gets in some time on the driving range and practice green before he has to solve any crimes. But the golf does not go well this time as he runs afoul of a five-foot-two-inch Thai "Princess" who whips his ass in a "Battle of the Sexes" Tournament. She's a former LPGA Pro lured out of retirement by the prospect of a fat payday. The "Princess" cleans his Zach's clock on the links and rings his chimes in bed. She's got him trading his golf books for sex manuals. And when the crime, murder again, finally occurs just as the golf action is ending, she becomes his sidekick bringing a distinctly raunchy feminine eye to the case, a case that needs a feminine eye as the vicitim is female, and so, perhaps, is the murderer. Roper and the Princess have to go all the way to a remote island off the coast of Sweden to find out whodunnit.

"Murder Takes a Mulligan" finds Zach and the Princess on her home turf in Thailand for another round of the "Battle of the Sexes" at a fancy course on Phuket Island. He has already found out what a marvelous lover she is and how far she is from being a real Princess. He is about to find out that her crime solving skills go several levels beyond what he has already come to appreciate. The Princess has found out that he is hotter in bed than she had thought, tougher mentally than she had imagined, as passionate about discovering the truth as he is about sex....and that his golf game is not too shabby either. Together they dive into the murky world of intrugue that is Thai
politics to solve a case that starts with an assassination attempt and goes downhill from there.

"Murder Goes for the Green" finds our oversexed duo trying to hustle some long green from the filthy rich in the Arizona desert. They cash in by outplaying and outdrinking their opponents. Then a body turns up in a sand trap. But this one has a twist, it's the body of the would-be murderer, not the intended victim. The victim has disappeared.
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