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   Sylvia Myer, MD    Somewhere Sometime

Sylvia Myer, MD Somewhere Sometime

Author: Coffey, John Set In . . .
 Europe, England, London
Genre: Historical Fiction
Time Frame: 1800s
Published: 2016
Description: 'Sylvia Myer MD' is a literary fiction Novel about London and two London people  - Sam Bullen and Sylvia Myer - born in the same country but born two centuries apart.
 They meet in June 1800 AD. on the doorstep of #29 Gower St. London.
Sam - a trader - is arriving from India after many years there and a nightmare journey home.
 Sylvia - a medical doctor - is arriving from  June 2016 AD. -   a victim of rare and random Time Travel.
They share a few testy words then Sam goes into his home and Sylvia goes off into a Gower St. and a London that are quite different from the Gower St. and London she knows.
  Her world is gone. She is alone and destitute. The people in this new world are similar but different. The buildings, the streets, the traffic, the clothes are all similar yet different. Fortunately the language is the same - sort of.
Actually, strange and scary as it all is, it is also very interesting. Sylvia is not weak. She is a modern 2018 woman. She explores; she talks to people; she gets a home, a job, friends, and the interest of intelligent strangers.   She just does not mention Time Travel. But the psychology of her loss is devastating to her.
  Sam does not forget her; in fact he is soon off looking for her.
Sam and Sylvia are intelligent people. Their London is a rich and complex town of a new Middle Class evolving a new culture.
This novel is a story of that London and of how Sylvia and Sam accept and become part of it.
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