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   Sylvia Myer, MD    Somewhere Sometime

Sylvia Myer, MD Somewhere Sometime

Author: Coffey, John Set In . . .
 Europe, England, London
Genre: Historical Fiction
Time Frame: 1800s
Published: 2016
Description: What is it like to be put in thepast, let's say 200 years?
If you might risk marrying yourgrandfather's grandfather would you risk it?
If you can start research on theatom bomb 200 years early would you start it?
If you could discover penicillin200 years early would you try to?
If you time travelled 200 years into thepast do you think you could survive and stay?
Sylvia tried, and did.
'Sylvia Myer  MD'  by John Coffey  is an account of the experiences and responsesof Sylvia Myer - a London medical doctor - when. In 2016, she is abruptlyand    incomprehensibly  transported to London 1800.
This London is the nursery ofworld she has left. It is the beginning of a prosperous  population - the new middle class. There is goodfood, good clothes, good education, and good homes for many. Books, newspapers,entertainment, vacations are commonplace for the first time in history. And thepeople love it. But there is also war, and poverty and science.
Sylvia's story starts as shearrives angry, frightened, uncomprehending. She has become a penniless,homeless refugee without friends or family. She is strangely dressed; and sheis lost.
But Sylvia is also a 'modern woman' -2016 woman.She is independent, educated and assertive, ready to work and speak  her mind And she is a rather nice person - andnot unattractive.
Sam Bullen sees her andrecognises this when they meet as Sylvia arrives. He is a quiet man and decent.He follows Sylvia through this story. He has prospered in India and sufferedfrom pirates during his return home. A time travel romance evolves. Sylvia meets his family and friends.
She also meets the French priest,Father Dunstan, and his sister. They give her shelter and help her - a lot. Shehelps them, and she meets the French refugee children as she teaches at theirschool.
In time Sylvia meets Washburn - aman who loves poetry, Anne who is a book seller and who's husband is detainedin Napoleon's France. She becomes Sylvia's landlady.  Professor Cavendish, an eminent scientist fromSylvia's history books, wonders about her plastic water bottle. She is acceptedand she belongs.
Early on Sylvia decides not totalk of time travel. She feels she is peculiar enough in this new old world asit is.
But Sylvia has her many 'terrorsin the night' from her loss of her own family and of her own world.
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