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Cover Title Author Genre Time Frame Locations
The Bourne Identity The Bourne Identity Ludlum, Robert Thriller 1960-1970s Europe, France, North America, USA, Switzerland, Paris, Marseilles, Zurich, Washington D.C.
The Breach The Breach Lee, Patrick Other None North America, USA, Alaska, Wyoming, Europe, Switzerland, Zurich
The Coming Storm: Extreme Weather and Our Terrifying Future The Coming Storm: Extreme Weather and Our Terrifying Future Reiss, Bob Historical 1980s North America, USA, Massachusetts, Africa, Sudan, California, Illinois, Chicago, South America, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Wyoming, North Carolina, Missouri, Antarctica, Asia, Japan, Kyoto, Europe, Germany, Berlin, Florida, Miami, Oceans and Seas, Arctic Ocean, Middle East, Israel, Jerusalem, Switzerland, Zurich, India, New Delhi, Central America, Honduras, Maldives, Tennessee, Nashville, Philippines, Washington D.C., New York, New York City, England, London
Dante's Equation Dante's Equation Jensen, Jane Science Fiction 2000s North America, USA, California, Los Angeles, Alaska, Washington, Seattle, Middle East, Israel, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Europe, Switzerland, Zurich, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Poland, Auschwitz, Germany, Frankfurt, Tennessee, Knoxville, Florida, Orlando, Stuttgart, New York
Einstein in Berlin Einstein in Berlin Levenson, Thomas Historical Early 20th Century Europe, Germany, Berlin, Switzerland, Zurich
The English Assassin The English Assassin Silva, Daniel Thriller 2000s Europe, Switzerland, Zurich
The God Particle The God Particle Cox, Richard Science Fiction 2000s North America, USA, Texas, Europe, Switzerland, Zurich
The Honorary Patron The Honorary Patron Hodgins, Jack Fiction 1980s Europe, Switzerland, Zurich, North America, Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Austria, Vienna
The Pieces from Berlin The Pieces from Berlin Pye, Michael Fiction Late 20th Century Europe, Germany, Berlin, Switzerland, Zurich
Small g: A Summer Idyll Small g: A Summer Idyll Highsmith, Patricia Fiction 1990s Europe, Switzerland, Zurich
Small World Small World Lodge, David Humor 1980s North America, USA, Hawaii, Europe, France, Paris, Netherlands, Amsterdam, California, Los Angeles, Greece, Athens, Illinois, Chicago, Asia, Japan, Tokyo, England, Oxford, Ireland, Limerick, Germany, Berlin, New Hampshire, Middle East, Israel, Jerusalem, Thames River Valley, Switzerland, Zurich, Italy, Milan, South Korea, Seoul, Australia, Queensland, Alabama, Birmingham, Genoa, Lausanne, New York, New York City, London, Turkey, Ankara
Ubik Ubik Dick, Philip K. Other None Europe, Switzerland, Zurich, Outer Space, Moon, North America, USA, Iowa, Des Moines, New York, New York City
The Woman with the Bouquet The Woman with the Bouquet Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Other None Europe, France, Paris, Switzerland, Zurich
The World is Made of Glass The World is Made of Glass West, Morris Historical Novel Early 20th Century Europe, France, Paris, Germany, Berlin, Switzerland, Zurich
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