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Cover Title Author Genre Time Frame Locations
A Quick English Reference A Quick English Reference Hooper, J.S. Other None Asia, Pakistan
A Thousand Splendid Suns A Thousand Splendid Suns Hosseini, Khaled Fiction Late 20th Century Pakistan, Peshawar, Herat, Afghanistan, Asia, Kabul
The Afghan The Afghan Forsyth, Frederick Thriller 2000s Asia, Afghanistan, Philippines, Europe, England, London, North America, USA, Washington D.C., Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Oceans and Seas
Broken Moon Broken Moon Antieau, Kim Young Adult 2000s Asia, Pakistan
The Carpet Wars The Carpet Wars Kremmer, Christopher Travelogue 1990s Iran, Middle East, Iraq, Baghdad, Asia, Afghanistan, Kabul, Kandahar, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Peshawar, Tajikistan, Esfahan
Charlie Wilson's War Charlie Wilson's War Crile, George Historical 1980s North America, USA, Washington D.C., Texas, Asia, Pakistan, Afghanistan
Christopher Hitchens and His Critics: Terror, Iraq, and the Left Christopher Hitchens and His Critics: Terror, Iraq, and the Left Hitchens, Christopher Other None Europe, France, Asia, India, Hawaii, North America, USA, New Orleans, Switzerland, Ohio, England, Louisiana, Paris, Africa, Turkey, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Prague, Chicago, Oxford, St. Louis, Seattle, Virginia, Caribbean, Missouri, Washington, North Korea, Pyongyang, Egypt, Casablanca, Baghdad, Algiers, Cuba, Iraq, Havana, Israel, Nairobi, New Hampshire, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Jakarta, Haifa, Syria, Alabama, Kabul, Pakistan, Kashmir, Peshawar, Algeria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Arlington, Bali, Indonesia, Pearl Harbor, Luxor, Damascus, Suez Canal, Illinois, Dayton, Somalia, Mogadishu, Birmingham, Russia, Islamabad, Davos, Mecca, Afghanistan, Kenya, Morocco, London, Moscow, Saudi Arabia, Central America, Spain, Madrid, New York, Middle East, Middle East
Dilruba Dilruba Hyder, Qurratulain Other None Asia, Pakistan
Flashman and the Mountain of Light Flashman and the Mountain of Light MacDonald Fraser, George Historical Novel 1845-1846 Asia, Pakistan, Lahore, India, Punjab
Full Tilt Full Tilt Murphy, Dervla Travelogue 1960s Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East, Iran
Gazetteer of the Province of Sindh: Larkana District Gazetteer of the Province of Sindh: Larkana District Smyth, J.W. Other None Asia, Pakistan
Hostile Contact Hostile Contact Kent, Gordon Thriller 2000s North America, USA, Washington D.C., Oceans and Seas, Pacific Ocean, Nevada, Las Vegas, Washington, Seattle, Virginia, Indian Ocean, Africa, Kenya, Nairobi, Asia, Indonesia, Jakarta, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Middle East, Bahrain, Somalia, Mogadishu, China, Beijing
In Xanadu: A Quest In Xanadu: A Quest Dalrymple, William Travelogue 2000s Asia, China, Pakistan, Middle East, Iran
The Kite Runner The Kite Runner Hosseini, Khaled Fiction Late 20th Century California, New York, Asia, North America, USA, Kabul, Pakistan, Peshawar, Islamabad, San Jose, Afghanistan
Labbaik Labbaik Mufti, Mumtaz Other None Asia, Pakistan
Love, Poverty, and War : Journeys and Essays Love, Poverty, and War : Journeys and Essays Hitchens, Christopher Other None Europe, Italy, France, Asia, India, China, Japan, Rome, North America, USA, New Jersey, Ohio, England, Africa, Turkey, Istanbul, Massachusetts, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Norway, Florida, Agincourt, California, Prague, Chile, Tokyo, St. Louis, Seattle, Caribbean, Buenos Aires, Missouri, Nebraska, Washington, San Diego, Texas, North Korea, Pyongyang, Shenyang, Egypt, Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk, Dunkirk, Berlin, Cuba, Iraq, Beirut, Havana, Miami, New Mexico, Israel, Nairobi, Pennsylvania, Jerusalem, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar, Sarajevo, Oslo, Lebanon, Syria, Kabul, Pakistan, Argentina, Kandahar, Kashmir, Peshawar, Netherlands, Oklahoma, Czech Republic, Maryland, Ireland, Arizona, Dublin, Nagasaki, Santiago, Calcutta, Luxor, Albuquerque, Tulsa, Belgra
Midnight's Children Midnight's Children Rushdie, Salman Fiction 1940s Asia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan
Mud City Mud City Ellis, Deborah Young Adult 2000s Asia, Pakistan, Peshawar
Oxford Practice Grammar Oxford Practice Grammar Eastwood, John Other None Asia, Pakistan
Pakistan: Violence Against Women in the Name of Honor Pakistan: Violence Against Women in the Name of Honor International, Amnesty Other None Asia, Pakistan
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